a little grey house

There is a little grey house in Pasadena with white shutters and a picket fence. When we moved into this little doll house there was no grass in the front yard. In fact there was not one green thing growing on the property save the giant 1 story tall weed inhabiting in the fence. The walls inside had about 6 shades of whitish paint ranging from primer to high gloss …on each wall no less. There was a severe lack of maintenance hanging all over the place and yet, there was charm. Inside the front door with it’s original beveled glass were hardwood floors, coved ceilings, built in book shelves and all of the original moldings from the 1920’s. My daring and darling husband had found this rental in the town of our dreams for us while working 40 hours a week and couch crashing during the first weeks of his new temp job. My spirits were high and low all at once when I took my first walk through. I was trying to imagine all of our large furniture and crazy amounts of stuff in this tiny abode and when I really let my mind sink into the miniscule dimensions of the kitchen ….well, I was overwhelmed.
Elliot and I drove in from Palm Springs for 2 weeks, before we moved in, to get the house cleaned and walls painted. Not long after we managed to get (most of) our stuff moved in we put in a front lawn and a deliciously charming border of flowers as well as a small herb garden. We had created yet another home (The 6th in 13 years) and gotten ourselves into the town we have wanted to live in for years now.
I can say with certainty that I do not like moving. It’s hard on everyone’s nerves and I get myself all worked up over the little things like timing, cleaning and packing, packing, packing!!!!! …Ahem.
But I can also say that I do enjoy reinventing our space and I actually think I’ve gotten better at letting go of the junk that doesn’t serve me body and soul. “How many times do I really want to move box of fabric scraps from the 90’s?” I’m proud to say that my culling skills have improved…somewhat. I have a love hate relationship with stuff. We still have a load of it and all of that stuff has overwhelmed me throughout the many moves but really, it has been a lot of fun to put this house together. It really feels like a comfortable space that I am happy and proud to call our home….for now. 😉


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