Family and friends

I am honored by the friendships in my life. I feel so fortunate and somewhat proud of myself to be able to say that I am surrounded by many deeply satisfying relationships that serve me greatly. I feel that among the people whom I call my friends I am likewise considered by them and the peace that this gives me is profound.

I know, Blah blah blah and all that mushy emotional stuff. But seriously it feels great to look up and around at my life and say out loud, that this is what makes my world go round… the love that surrounds me.

There have been times in my life when I felt alone in the friend department. Not because I didn’t have any, but because everyone I kept near was simply an acquaintance and the people who really mattered and loved me, I kept on the fringes because I didn’t know what to DO with them. Have you ever felt like you shouldn’t bother the people who love you with all of your boring, messy day to day junk and so you put your head down and just “get the job done” by yourself instead of inviting in the loving support. I have done this on more than one occasion and blocked myself into some lonely corners. I tend to be a fairly solitary person most of the time. I like and need my “alone time” very much but if I’m not aware I can isolate myself too much. Sometimes it just takes me a lot of time to “get the job done” of daily living and I forget to lift up my head, take a breath and invite in the people and things who and which could simplify and intensify the joy and reality of my life. Whenever I get tremendously overwhelmed, the solution lately seems to be be very simple (why it always feels like a monumental new discovery when I look back after doing these simple things is still a mystery to me but that is another topic). Drink less coffee after 12 noon, drink more water, eat better/ healthier food, put myself to bed earlier (that’s a big one) take some vitamin D or get a healthy dose of sun and ENJOY MY FRIENDSHIPS. Why does it get so hard to just say “F” the little things? Because it is hard sometimes. Do you agree? All of the little “don’ts, I shouldn’ts, I don’t have time’s, why bother’s” and so on can start to crowd in and obscure the real joys in life. They can build up and become habits that just start to feel natural and numbing. I find that when I don’t cultivate the joys in my life actively, the days just start to run together into a big mass of time that, when I look back at it, just seems like truly wasted time!

Thank goodness that I have all of the wonderful people surrounding me, friends and family alike. You are what truly gives my life it’s joy and meaning. Thank you all for being who you are, sharing that with me and the world and letting me be (as well as reminding me sometimes) who am am. It is a blessing to look up and see you all there.


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2 Responses to Family and friends

  1. ruraljones says:

    I ♥ you, Meekie! I wouldn’t want to go through life without knowing your humor, your many talents, your wisdom, your warmth and generosity…or your cookies. ☺

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