Okay, I was just about to totally give up on writing on the blog today… But I didn’t want to give up. I had planned ( starting last night around 8 pm actually) to write a nice post about puff pastry and late night baking. I wrote the blog out and took about a billion pictures

I got all of my pictures downloaded onto my computer and sat down to insert and complete it all when the sky crashed down. The saved draft had not in fact been saved! At least it’s not in any place I’ve looked.

The recipe (I thought) had been a failure anyway so I was at least thinking that I could save the pictures and use them for another post about puff pastry in the future.

But still I was frustrated and wanting to post. I still had 2/3 of the previously prepared dough in the freezer waiting to be made into a pot pie or something not needing a great crust and I got the idea that perhaps I shouldn’t just give up on that dough just yet…Maybe it could give me a decent palmier after all.When I decided I wanted to make a palmier last night it was already kind of late to get started making a puff pastry dough.

Granted, you can let it rest for quite a long time during phases of the production but still I wanted to see if I could show y’all how to make an easier version at the same time so I went searching for a “blitz puff” dough.

Since I couldn’t find the recipe I had used when in school…(a shame now that I look back on it because  the one I made last night was not all that good,even tho it got fairly good reviews) I tried one from it turned out tough and chewy and not at all what I had hoped for.

By the way…I refuse to believe that it could be due to the fact that it was late and late night baking is usually a poor timing choice for involved pastries. Nor will I accept any comments that state it might have been poor technique on my part…that simply couldn’t be the case *ahem*. 🙂 No. I actually DO think it was not the best recipe out there.

But I had this dough and it was calling to me and so I heeded it’s sad little call from my freezer and I swiftly retrieved it and set to work giving it another chance. The recipe had called for 3 “turns” of the dough (a turn is when you fold it into 3rds like a business letter and roll it out). A traditional puff pastry calls for 6 turns and since the palmiers from last night were tough and heavy I though I’d try giving it another turn and then try changing the baking temp and time.the dough was like rubber but I persisted!

I turned it once more and rolled it out making sure to roll it extra thin this time. This was not easy as even though I was letting it rest (giving the gluten a chance to relax and not be so springy) the dough had a decidedly rubbery feel to it.I was not giving up here folks.

You needed a blog post, and I was bound to deliver!

I rolled it out in sugar, rolled up the ends and sliced away, heated up the oven to 375 and placed em on my silpat lined cookie sheet eager to see if even I could rustle up a save from this poor flop.

I put them in the oven and sat down to start writing and posting my new entry while waiting to see what would come out….

So, how did they turn out?

So, so.I’ll have to make them again and give you an actually good recipe rather than this poor excuse for a sugar fix.


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One Response to Frustration

  1. kirsti payne says:

    Brave and great looking post!! The Palmiers look fancy and crisp and lovely!! This gave me a happy morning – thank you!

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