Sunday Afternoon Home Made Rocky Road Ice Cream

The past year has been pretty darn great. We moved back to the LA area and closer to many of our good friends. Ryan got a great job with Disney that has helped our family in lots of different ways and I have been able to express my creativity in every which way my heart desired. I get to spend awesome amounts of time with my darling son and husband. And I have been more consistently happy and generally in a good mood since we moved back. I don’t normally consider myself a very social person all in all but now that I have been here for a whole year after being so far away from so many of our friends for the 2 years we lived in Palm Springs, I now realize that I DO need to see and hear and hug my friends fairly darned often for my mood not to get down right stinky! I actually have a multitude of reasons to be happy in my life but because in this blog I like to share recipes with you all, I’m going to tell you about TODAY’S big reason for my happiness…Chocolate Ice Cream.

Recently I went into a food porn shop and picked up a “new millennium green”, Cuisinart ice cream maker. My first attempt at a buttermilk ice cream was just okay. It was nice and tart and it was fine straight out of the machine. When it first came out of the machine it was very soft like a soft serve cone but when I put it in the freezer to cure it got those dreaded crystals that so often form in home made ice cream. So I went looking for a recipe that would give me more of a gelato style result. I believe this may be the one.

I just put the semi frozen mixture into the freezer to finish setting and I have very high hopes for this one!

Chocolate Ice Cream to Deliciate in:

  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 4 oz melted bittersweet chocolate
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1 Tbl vanilla extract

Start by putting the cream, milk and sugar in a pan on the stove and heat it to scalding. While it heats up, put the yolks into a bowl ( you can save the whites and make light, crunchy, meringues next week to make up for all the heavy ice cream you will be eating this week. 🙂 ) when the cream mixture is hot, temper the yolks by adding 1/4 cup at a time to the yolks while whisking the whole time.

Add about 2 cups of the hot mixture to the yolks. Add the remaining hot cream mixture to a bowl with the melted chocolate, cocoa powder and vanilla extract and mix it well to remove most of the cocoa lumps.

Put the yolk and cream mixture and the chocolate mixture back into the pan and cook over med low heat until it thickens.

Once it is thick place it in a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap (touching the mixture so a skin doesn’t form) and chill it before you put it into your ice cream machine.

At this stage you could also strain the mixture if you want to make sure you don’t have any lumps from the egg yolks as there sometimes can be. You could also chill down the mixture rapidly by stirring it over a water bath till cool which saves you about an hour…. which I opt for so that I can have my ice cream sooner even though this uses up a few cups of precious summertime ice. Plus, removing some of that ice makes more room for ice cream!

Before I put it all in the freezer I mixed in some stale (more chewy), mini marshmallows and some honey roasted peanuts from Trader Joe’s (they have my favorite honey roasted peanuts)

When this came out of the freezer it was PURE PERFECTION!!!! I’m not kidding. This is perfect ice cream and doubt it will last another day. 🙂


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