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The benefits of a good pie crust

Look at that pie crust! Just LOOK at it! Isn’t it a thing of beauty? All too often pie crusts are one extreme or the other: The crust is either a bland, pale color all around. Or, even worse, so … Continue reading

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Meringue Mushrooms : there and bake again.

So, I’ve been hoarding food pictures for months now. I find it very easy to head into the kitchen on a whim to whip up some ridiculous baked good or goodie. One that gets every single dish in the house … Continue reading

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Holy (home-made) Cheese!!!!!! I may be eating the best food on the entire planet!

As I write this my mouth is happily chewing and I am trying my best not to pass out from sheer bliss! OK… I’ve finished my plate and taken a moment to reflect (and pant heavily) and now I simply … Continue reading

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Wine cake

As I sit here typing this to you all, I am munching on one week old, left over cake from my son’s Famous Jungle/Diego themed party of last Saturday. The party was a big hit with my boy save the … Continue reading

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Okay, I was just about to totally give up on writing on the blog today… But I didn’t want to give up. I had planned ( starting last night around 8 pm actually) to write a nice post about puff … Continue reading

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Welcome! Have some pudding.

So, since the first month of the new year is coming to a close and I have not yet lost my crazy craving for chocolate. And since my pants are growing ever tighter I have decided to look through some … Continue reading

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